'Statistics are figures, but all figures are not statistics'. Justify the statement

Statistics is often regarded as being a means by which observations are expressed numerically in order to investigate casual relationship between the variables. Any fact, to be called statistics must be numerically expressed (so that it can be counted, divided or be subject to mathematical analysis) and should be placed in relation to each other. But qualitative data cannot be included in statistics unless they are quantified by assigning some figures for assessment. However, not all numbers are comparable and measurable.
For example : The fact that height of a student is five feet tells nothing, unless it is comparable. Thus for figures to be included in statistics, they must be aggregate of facts and not individual figures. Thats why it is rightly said that statistics are figures but all figures are not statistics.

sir / madam , is this answer applicable for this question too ?

_**“All statistics must be expressed in terms of numbers but all numbers are not statistics.” Explain with**_
_**the help of examples.**_