State two reasons to say that caste alone cannot determine election result in India

The focus on caste in politics sorfietimes gives an impression that elections are all about caste and nothing else. We can state following reasons for the same.
(i) Actually the candidate and party has to win the confidence of more than one caste and community and hardly any parliamentary constituency has a clear majority of one single party.
(ii) It’s not certain that people with the same caste or community have same interests, they may have different interests depending on their economic status and social condition. Thus, caste cannot be a sole factor.
(iii) Regarding voters, they may have more than one candidate from their caste, while other may not have any candidate from their caste.
(iv) Irrespective of caste, voters consider the performance of the government and popularity of the leaders while voting.
Hence, we can clearly conclude that “caste alone cannot determine election result in India.”

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Thankyou for the answer prasanna