State the importance of monsoon season in india

state the importance of monsoon season in india

Importance of Monsoon season in India:

  • Although the monsoon winds are irregular and uncertain, they unify the entire country. The farmers eagerly wait for the arrival of rainfall. Rainfall provides the water required to set agricultural activities in motion. Its arrival is welcomed with the celebration of festivals, singing and dancing.
  • A large number of farmers depend upon monsoon-rains to meet the food requirement of their family. They engage in agricultural activities not only to sell the crops, but for their own needs.
  • Normal rainfall is essential for adequate agricultural output. In a large country like India, it is essential to maintain the food prices. Food inflation may destabilize the entire nation. The food prices depend upon the agricultural output.
  • It is only through rains in the Monsoon season that water requirements of people are fulfilled. Rainfall also increases the water table in the region.