State some of the responsibilities of business towards the government and the consumers?

The responsibility of business towards the government are as follows :

  1. To set up business as per guidelines issued by the government.
  2. To ensure regularity and honesty in the payment of fees, duties and taxes.
  3. To follow pollution control norms set up by the government.
  4. To establish new business units in rural and backward areas for balanced regional development of the country.
  5. To avoid indulging into monopolistic and other trade restrictive practices.
  6. To avoid indulging in unlawful activities like bribing, etc.
    The responsibility of business towards the customers are as follows :
  7. To ensure regular supply of goods and services.
  8. To offer good quality products and services at reasonable prices.
  9. To provide information about the product and company.
  10. To avoid unfair means like adulteration, under weighing, etc.
  11. To settle quickly the grievances of the consumers.