State Rockport Fitness Walking Test with necessary calculation

State Rockport Fitness Walking Test with necessary calculation procedure.

Rockport Fitness aling Tst:
This test is very good to measure Cardio-Respiratory fitness of the individual. Thus, the objective of this test is to monitor the development of the athlete’s maximum Cardio-Respiratory ability (V02).
Requirements of Test: (i) Running track (200 m or 400 in), (ii) Stop watch, (iii) An assistant/ helper.
Administration of Test:
(i) Choose a windless day lo conduct the test.
(ii) Record your weight in pounds (lbs)
(iii) Walk one mile (1609 mt) as fast as possible.
(iv) Record the time to complete the one mile walk.
(v) Immediately on finishing the walk record your heart rate (beats per minute).
(vi) Determine your Maximum Cardio-Respiratory Ability (VO2) ffom the calculation given below.
Calculation Procedure : Analysis of the result is done by comparing it with the result of previous test. It is expected that, appropriate training between each test should be done to show improvement. The formula used to calculate VO2 Max is :
142-625 - (0-0678 x weight) - (0-2522 x Age) + (8-321 x Gender) - (5-3592 x Time) - (0-1225 :x Heart rate)
Where :
(a) Weight is in pounds (lbs)
(b) Gender : Male = 1 and Female = 0
© Time is expressed in minutes and seconds.
(d) Heart rate is in beats/minute
(e) Age in years.
Evaluation of Test: Students who are fit will have better scoring in test as compared to unfit individual.