State five changes in women's clothing which came about as a result of two

State five changes in women’s clothing which came about as a result of two World Wars.

The following points state how the two World Wars responsible in bringing changes in women’s clothing
(i) Many European women stopped wearing jewellery and luxurious clothes. As upper class women mixed with other classes, social barriers were eroded and women began to dress in similar ways.
(ii) Clothes became shorter during the First World War out of necessity. By 1971, many women were employed in ammunition factories and they wore a working uniform of blouse and trousers with scarves.
(iii) Women’s working uniform later became khaki overalls and caps. Bright colours were replaced by sober colours.
(iv) Women’s clothes became plainer, simpler and shorter giving them greater freedom of movement.
(v) Trousers became a vital part of Western women’s clothing. Most important, women took to cutting their hair short for convenience. A plain and austere style came to reflect seriousness and professionalism.