State any six functions of consumer organisations

State any six functions of consumer organisations and NGOs for protecting and promoting the interest of
Explain the role of consumer organisations and NGOs in protecting and promoting consumers interest.

Consumer organisations and NGOs are established or formed to protect and promote the consumer interest. They perform following functions:
Role of NGOs/Consumer organisations :
(i) Creating awareness about consumer rights by organising training programmes, seminars and workshops.
(ii) Imparting knowledge about consumer problems, legal reporting and reliefs available by publishing periodicals and publications.
(iii) Carrying out comparative testing of consumer products in accredited laboratories and publishing the results for the general benefit.
(iv) Encourage consumers to take action against any unfair or unscrupulous activity of the seller.
(v) Providing consumers legal assistance by providing aid, advice, • etc to seek legal remedy.
(vi) Filing complaints in appropriate courts on behalf of consumers. (vit) Taking initiative for filing cases in the interest of general public.