Sonu and Manu are friends

Sonu and Manu are friends. They love to play with cold drinks. Generally they shake the closed bottle of the cold drink and open it immediately, so that the cold drink fizzes out rapidly. One day while learning Henry’s law they asked from their teacher about the fizzing of cold drinks. From his answer they got satisfied.
(i) Write the statement of Henry’s law.
(ii) What reason has been given by the teacher for the fizzing of colddrinks?
(iii) Which gas is filled in the cold drink bottles?
(iv) Is the fizzing of cold drink remain the same, if its temperature is raised.
(v) What values are associated with-Sonu and Manu?

(i) According to Henry’s law, the mass of a gas dissolved in a given mass of a solvent at any temperature is proportional to the pressure of the gas above the solvent.
(ii) On shaking the cold drink bottle the pressure of the gas inside the bottle increases. When the bottle is opened, the pressure tends to decrease to atmospheric pressure. As the pressure decreases, solubility decreases and hence, the dissolved gas along with the water escapes out.
(iii) Carbon dioxide .
(iv) No, it will decrease as solubility decreases with increase in temperature.
(v) Sonu and Manu, are naughty, intelligent and curious children.