‘Song of the Rain' is an autobiographical poem

‘Song of the Rain’ is an autobiographical poem. The narrator of the poem is the rain itself. It is very much upset to see that man has disturbed nature with his thoughtless actions like industrialisation and deforestation. He has disturbed the whole pattern of rainfall. Describe in your own words how man is disturbing the ecological balance.

‘Song of the Rain’ highlights the divine nature of rain, which enhances the beauty of the biosphere. It decorates and cools ; the plants and trees. It also restores the greenery and refreshes the vegetation. But man in his greed has disturbed the whole cycle of rain. He is cutting down trees. He has stripped the green cover of the hills and mountains. The underground water table is reducing. Summers are getting hotter and longer than ever before. Natural disasters like earthquakes, famines, droughts, floods and cyclones are occurring frequently. Global warming is increasing due to pollution and deforestation. In this way man has disturbed the ecological balance.

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