“Sometimes pressure groups and movements can have an unhealthy influence on politics”

“Sometimes pressure groups and movements can have an unhealthy influence on politics”. Justify the statement.

Pressure groups and movements have deepened democracy. Putting pressure on the rulers is not an unhealthy activity in a democracy as long as every one gets this opportunity:

  • Public interest groups and movements perform a useful role of countering the undue influence of rich and powerful people and reminding the government of the needs and concerns of ordinary citizens.
  • Sectional interest groups also play a valuable role. Where different groups function actively, no one single group can achieve dominance over society.
  • If one group brings pressure on government to make policies in its favour, another will bring counter pressure not to make policies in the way the first group desires. This helps in a rough balance of power and accommodation of conflicting interests.
  • It is not healthy for groups that promote interest of one section to have influence in democracy.
  • A democracy must look after the interest of all not just of one section.
  • These pressure groups wield power without responsibility. Political parties have to fad people in elections, but these groups are not acccuntable to the people.
  • Pressure groups and movements may not get their funds and support from the people but sometimes, pressure groups with small public support with lots of money, can hijack public opinion in favour of their narrow agenda.