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Search google com search-console about Click to add a website in the upper left corner to perform step-by-step steps Then open the background of Shopify and find Edit Code in the Online Store Then find the < head> code, and copy the string of code given by the search console to the front of the < head> tag Install Google Analytics Portal: https: analytics google com After logging in with your Gmail account, click the button in the lower left corner, and then click Create Account to start creating a.

Google Analytics account America Cell Phone Number List Then we go to the Shopify backend Find Preferences, then copy and paste the Code above GA to the empty space in the figure below keyword research Several tools will be introduced here, such as http: keywordtool io Free, but you need to pay to see the search volume Google Keywords Planner is free, but now requires advertising to see data KWFINDER, paid, keyword quantity and competition analysis are highly recommended, but the price is small We can naturally place long-tail keywords with little competition and search volume on the pages we want to rank for, so that our website can get more ranking opportunities.

On-page optimization There are many details It is recommended to use Screaming Frog You can crawl out the specific structure of the website, H tags, etc , which is very convenient for us to optimize a single page Create a link building strategy The website needs to do some high-quality and highly relevant links, which can help our keyword ranking The strategies for obtaining link building include: 1 Write Guest Post submissions We can search for the word “Write for us” on google to find a website where articles can be placed Through tools such as Ahrefs and Similarweb, we can check the quality of this website, and then we can.