Smriddhi's father has a plot of land in the city's side where he wants to construct a house

Smriddhi’s father has a plot of land in the city’s side where he wants to construct a house. The area has few trees, which are very dear to her father and he does not want to cut the trees, as trees provide us oxygen which is very essential for living organisms. Her father also desperately needs a house for his family. Read the given passage and answer the following questions:
(i) Should Smriddhi’s father construct the house after cutting the trees?
(ii) How can the family compensate for the loss in terms of oxygen supply?
(iii) What practices will be required after planting the trees?
(iv) What values are shown by the Smriddhi’s father?

(i) Yes, her father should construct a house for his family by cutting minimum number of trees.
(ii) More number of trees should be planted than the ones that are cut to compensate the loss.
(iii) Providing the plants with water at regular intervals, removals of weeds and pests are the practices that are required after planting the trees.
(iv) The values shown by Smriddhi’s hither are love for nature, awareness, concern and protection for environment.