Slave Dynasty ruler

Define Slave Dynasty ruler

Slave dynasty was founded by Qutub-ud-din- Aibak in 1206. He was the slave of Gori so the dynasty founded by him was called ‘Slave’ or ’ Mamuluk’ dynasty. Other famous rulers of slave dynasty wer Iltutmish, Raziya Sultan & Balbun. The tawarikhs are the rich sources to know the administration of slave dynasty. Major administration policies of Sultans were as follows-
(i) Introduction of Iqta System- Instaed of giving salaries in cash and grain, Iltutmish started to give lands to army officials to meet the basic requirement of soldiers called Iqta.
(ii) ‘Turuk-i-Chahalgani’ or ‘Chalisa system was introduced by Iltutmish.
(iii) Qutub-ud-din Aibak was called ‘Lakh Baksh’ as he was very generous. He made Lahore his capital.
(iv) The mongol policy of Iltutmish saved India from the invasion of Chengiz Khan.
(v) Iltutmish was the first sultan who introduced a pure Arabic silver coin called ’ Tanka’
(iv) Raziya was the first female sultan of Delhi Sultanate which showed the non discrimination policy of slave dynasty.
(vi) Balbun used suppressive measures to amke his position strong. He followed ‘Iron and Blood’ policy
(vi) He abolished syatem of ‘Chalisa’ or ‘Forty Nobles’.
(vi) Balbun appointed Imad-ul-Mulk as incharge of army and ‘Diwan-I-Ariz’ as army minister.
(vii) Balbun introduced the ‘Divine theory of King’.
(viii) Balbun introduced strict court discipline and various rituals like- Pabos and Sijda.