Shikhaj's younger brother was playing with a magnet

Shikhaj’s younger brother was playing with a magnet. Shikhaj advised him not to play with the magnet but his brother brought the magnet near the screen of the television that Shikhaj was watching.
His TV got a permanent dark patch on the area where magnet was brought near the screen. His TV screen was partially damaged. Shikhaj immediately informed all his friends to be aware of such episodes at home.
Read the above passage and answer the following questions.
(i) Why did TV get dark patch when magnet was brought closer?
(ii) Name two devices used at home which has electromagnetic effect in them.
(iii) What values of Shikhaj is seen in the above case?

(i) TV had electromagnet installed in it. When a magnet was brought closer to the screen, the two magnetic field lines interfered and spoiled its functioning.
(ii) Electromagnets are also present in CD and mobile
(iii) Shikhaj showed the values of kindness, helpfulness and caring for others.