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what will happen if both the charactyers in f1 generation pass topgether to f2 generation

:thinking:It is a dihybrid cross
If they both pass together then they do not follow the law of segregation. This means that the recessive trait will not be able to show its effects in the next generation . The f2 generation will be same of f1 generation as the characters pass together so there is no assortment of genes .:blush::blush::blush:

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the answer given above is wrong as

  1. in the f1 progeny when mendel crosses a tall with short the f1 has tall tto be seen as dominant trait and short as recessive as not seen and plants will be
  2. in f2 progeny mendel crossed THE PROGENIES OF f1 then he found 3:1 i. e 3 tall with 1 short
    this is the MONOHYBRID CROSS

If both the characters present in F1 generation pass together in F2 generation, then gametes and offsprings would receive double dose of information, that will be abnormal.:hugs: