Sahil, the director of a garments company

Sahil, the director of a garments company, is planning to manufacture bags for the utilisation of waste material from one of his garments unit. He decided that this manufacturing unit will be set up in a rural area of Odisha, where people have less job opportunities and labour is available at a very low rate. He also thought of giving equal opportunities to men and women.
For this, he selected S Chatterjee, Inderjeet Kaur, Aslam and Sarabjeet as heads of sales, accounts, purchase and production departments.
(i) Identify and state the next two steps that Sahil has to follow in the staffing process after selecting the above heads.
(ii) Also identify two values which Sahil wants to communicate to the society by setting up this
manufacturing unit.

(i) Selection is done in the third step, in which a prospective candidate is chosen from a pool of candidates. It ensures that the organisation gets the best among the available and it enhances the morale of the selected candidate. The next two steps are as follows
(a) Placement and Orientation In this step, employee occupies the position or is placed, for which he/she has been selected. After this a brief presentation about the company is given and employee is introduced to his superiors, subordinates and colleagues.
(b) Training and Development In this step, training is imparted to the selected candidate, by which he/she can enhance his/her skills and knowledge and through this, one can also explore the opportunities.
(ii) By setting up a manufacturing unit in the rural area of Odisha, Sahil wanted to communicate following values to the society
(a) Manufacturing bags from the waste material, will help in reducing pollutants from the environment and will also reduce wastage.
(b) Giving equal opportunities to men and women, will increase the standard of living of rural area labourers.