. 'Retailer is an important link in the channel of : distribution.' Explain the services he provides to the consumer

Services provided by the retailer to the customers are as follows:
(a) Regular availability of the goods : Retailers maintain regular availability of variety of product from different manufacturers. This helps the customers to buy the products of their choice as and when they require.
(b) Information about the goods : By effectively displaying the goods and through personal selling efforts; retailers provide important information about the arrival of the new goods, their special features etc. thus helps them in making their purchase decision.
© Convenience in buying : Firstly retailers are situated very nearer to the residential areas and remain open for long hours. Secondly, retailers sell the goods of desired variety in small quantity according to customers requirement therefore, providing convenience to customers.
(d) Wider choice : Retailers generally keep stock of wide variety of goods, produced by different manufacturers. This enables the customers to make their choice out of the wide variety available to select the best good.