Radha's father who was a diabetic does not avoid things doctor said to do him in diet

Radha’s father who was a diabetic does not avoid things doctor said to do him in diet. He also feels lazy to go for a walk. One day, his glucose level was checked by his doctor. The doctor advised him to take injections regularly, as he was not able to control his diabetes with diet and medication. He came home and while telling the things to Radha’s mother. Radha (biology student) heard them and interrupted in between. She explained that, doctor has given insulin injections to control his blood glucose level. This may be discontinued, if he will take precautions in his daily routine.
(i) Which endocrine gland and its part is involved in the secretion of insulin ?
(ii) Why doctor prefrered him to take insulin injections and what is the role of insulin in controlling level of glucose in blood?
(iii) What precaution he should take to protect himself from such disorder?
(iv) What are the values reflected from Radha’s character as a biology student and a daughter?

(i) Pancreas and its part, i.e. islet of Langerhans are related to the secretion of insulin.
(ii) Doctor preferred him to take insulin in order to control the level of glucose in the blood. Insulin in the form of injection directly stimulates pancreas (in place of natural insulin produced by the body). It helps in transport of sugar from blood into other body tissues, where it is used for energy.
(iii) Precautions that should he taken are
(a) Taking balanced diet is must.
(b) Regular exercise is also needed.
(iv) Radha is protective, caring and concerned for his father’s health, has scientific knowledge
and is attentive as a biology student.