Quote three instances where human intervention saved the forests from destruction

There have been enough instances of local people working traditionally for conservation of forests, For example:
(i) Bishnoi community in Rajasthan for whom conservation of forest and wildlife has been a religious tenet.
(ii) The Chipko Andolan (‘Hug the Trees Movement’) which started in Reni village in Garhwal and, spreaded quickly among communities. In this movement, woman used to clasp the trees trunk to prevent their felling. These communities traditionally lop the branches and pluck the leaves, allowing the resources to replenish overtime.
(iii) The sal forests of Arabari (in West Bengal) were saved from degradation with the active and willing participation of the local community. The villagers were given employment in both silviculture and harvesting operations (25% of the final harvest) and allowed for the collection of forest produce on payment of a nominal fee.