Private Quelch knew 'too much’

Private Quelch knew 'too much’. Give reasons to prove that he was unable to win the admiration of his superior officers or his colleagues in about 100 words.

Private Quelch knew ‘too much’ and was respected by everyone. However, soon he lost all their respect. His habit of showing off his knowledge and intelligence annoyed not only his colleagues, but also his superior officers. Each time one of his colleagues made a mistake, Private Quelch would publicly correct him. He was always very snobbish.
After a while, when his colleagues couldn’t take his snobbish ways any longer, they steered clear of him. He even embarrassed his superiors by interrupting their lectures. Once he corrected a Sergeant over the bullet speed of the rifle. The Sergeant, in the hope of revenge, turned all questions to him to answer. In another instance, he interrupted Corporal Turnbull twice during his lecture.