Prepare a list of career options available in the field of physical

Prepare a list of career options available in the field of physical education.

Physical Education and Career Options : The careers related with Physical Education are outlined as under
(a) Athletic Coach : Organize, instructs, and teaches amateur and professional athletes in fundamentals of individual and team sports.
(b) After-school/Summer program Co-ordinator : Responsible for administration of program and activities run at that time. Job responsibilities are similar to that of a Principal of an Institution.
© Athletic Director-College/University : Responsibilities similar to the Head of the Department of Physical Education or an Administrator.
(d) Activities Director : Responsible for a recreation program’s daily operation, primarily organize and direct participants.
(e) Corporate Fitness Instructor : Help clients to assess their level of physical fitness and help them to set and reach fitness goals.
(f) Community/Commercial Recreation : Organize and direct leisure activities and athletic programs for employees of all ages.
(g) Cardiovascular Fitness Instructor: Conduct group exercise sessions that involve aerobic exercise, stretching, and muscle conditioning. Take care of Cardiac Rehabilitation.
(h) Sport Media careers : Journalism, Photography, Writing, Art, Broadcasting
(i) Sport-Related careers : Law, Research, Consulting, Officiating, Entrepreneur, etc.
(j) Social Director : Organize and lead group activities.
(k) Rehabilitation Specialist/Physical Therapist: Provide services that help restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain, and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities of patients suffering from injuries or disease.
(l) Reader in Physical Education : There is no looking back on the path of progress. You have a scope to grow from a Lecturer to a Professor and then to a Reader, through your hard work, knowledge, experience and leadership abilities.
(m) Physical Education Lecturer : helps students derive more deeply into physical education and expose them to the world of physical fitness, at the college level.
(n) Physical Education Trainers/ Teachers :
tend to focus more on physical fitness activities rather than organized sports. They teach and lead exercise activities for
individuals or groups, conduct physical training classes; organize games and coach students in games and athletics. Options are available in schools and nonschool settings.
(o) Personal Trainer-Sport Management- careers : Work with clients on a one-on- one basis in either a gym or the client’s home. Athletic Administration, Sport Retailing, Resort Sport Management, etc.
§ Nutrition Specialist : Plan food and nutrition programs and supervise the preparation and serving of meals. They help to prevent and treat illnesses by promoting healthy eating habits and recommending dietary modifications. Advise Sports Nutrition.
(q) Other Career Opportunities :
• Adventurer/Risk Taker
• Aquatic Management
• Camp Director
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Country Club Manager
• Cruise Recreation Director
• Dietician
• Dance Instructor/ Aerobics Instructor
• Emergency Medical Technician
• Exercise Physiology
• Health/Fitness Consultant
• Occupation Exercise Scientist
• Occupational Therapy Assistant
• Park Manager
• Physical Therapist
• Physical Therapist Assistant
• Prison Recreation Specialist
• Pro Football Referee.