“Political parties are a necessary condition for a democracy”

“Political parties are a necessary condition for a democracy”. Analyse the statement with examples.

Political parties are necessary condition for a democracy.

  • Without political parties democracies cannot exist.
  • If we do not have political parties - in such a situation every candidate in elections will be independent.
  • No one will be able to make any promises to the people about any major policy changes.
  • The government may be formed but its utility will remain uncertain.
  • Elected representatives will be accountable to their constituency for what they do in their locality.
  • But no one will be responsible for how the country will run.
  • The role of opposition party in a democracy necessiates the existence of political parties,
  • As societies become large and complex they also needed some agencies to gather different
    views on various issues and to present these to the government, that is why political parties are needed.
    The problem of bad politics can be solved by more and better politics.
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