Point out the educational reforms of Lord Curzon

Point out the educational reforms of Lord Curzon.

Like Lord William Bentinck, Lord Ripon was a champion of education of the Indians, Ripon wanted to review, the working of the educational system on the basis of recommendations of the Wood’s despatch. For further improvement of the system Ripon appointed a commission in 1882 under the chairmanship of Sir William Hunter.

The commission came to be known as the Huber commission. The commission recommended for the expansions and improvement of the elementary education of the masses. The commission suggested two channels for the secondary education - one was literary education leading up to the entrance examination of the university and the other preparing the students for a vocational career.

The commission noted the poor status of women education. It encouraged the local bodies in the villages and towns to manage the elementary education. This had resulted in the extraordinary rise in the number of educational institutions in India.