Point out main differences between large bats and small bats

Large Bat (fruit eating bat) :

  1. They are large in size.
  2. Snout is elongated and fox-like.
  3. No outgrowths in nostrils.
  4. Pinna absent
  5. Inter-femoral membrane is very narrow.
  6. Tail is absent.
  7. Claws present on first and second digits of each forelimb.
  8. These are arboreal, hang from trees.
  9. Fruigivorous in habitat.
  10. Pteropus (Large bat).
    Small Bat (insectivorous bat) :
    1.They are small in size.
    2.Snout short and blunt.
    3.Nostrils with leaf-like outgrowth.
    4.Pirtna has small lobes.
    5.Interfemoral membrane is very large.
    6.Tail is present.
    7.Claws present only on first digit of each forelimb.
    They are cave dwellers and hangs to the wall of caves.
    Insectivorous in habit.
    Scotophillus (Small bat).