Please provide me with the character sketch of the main characters Jerome,George

Please provide me with the character sketch of the main characters Jerome,George, harris, and Montmorency to our course novel ‘‘Three Men In A Boat’’.

Jerome, usually known as “J,” is the narrator who lives and works in London. He is taking a vacation along the Thames River along with two friends Harris and George. J. is confident and fairly jovial, always ready to exploit the funny failures of his two friends as he tells readers his story. J. always makes himself seem better than his companions, he always seems to be “above” their immature antics.

The character Harris in Three Men in A Boat is an extremely vain person who often pretends to be working very hard. According to the narrator, he is adept at undertaking a job and then putting it on others’ backs. When he undertakes a job, he creates a commotion much like the narrator’s uncle Podger. Harris is very outspoken and does not mind offending his friends with his frankness. In the novel, he tells George that his new blazer could be hung over a flower-bed to frighten the birds away in early spring. In the bargain, he upset George. Harris also deludes himself by thinking he has a good voice. But in reality, the author states that all of Harris’ friends think that he does not. In the novel, he forgets the words of the song and blames the musicians for his failure. He also has a fascination for tombs and this annoys J. He has a foul temper too and his friends prefer to let him have his rant rather than talk to him when he is angry. Harris is extremely fond of alcohol and can accompany his friends for a drink at any time of the day. According to the narrator, he always knows a place round the corner where one can get a brilliant drink. He is unmarried and always lives for the moment.

George is one of J.’s two friends who accompany him on his trip along the river Thames. He is the only one in the novel who is known to have a job. He is a banker who lives his life according to a time schedule. His penchant for following schedule is evident in an incident where he forgot to wind the alarm clock. He wakes up at the wrong time and is found roaming the streets of London during ungodly hours. He loves to have a pint with friends and is always ready for a drink after hours. He is a vivacious character with a love for music. He believes he can play the banjo when he really cannot. When he plays his banjo in the boat, his friends advise him to never play it again. But he is seldom seen without his favourite banjo. Unlike Harris, George is a pleasant character and is mild mannered. But despite this J. does not consider him to be an interesting company.

Although Montmorency is a fox terrier, he has quite a personality. He is as quirky as the other men in the boat. The narrator says that his harmless appearance can be deceptive since he is quite vicious. The three men often complain about Montmorency’s belligerent nature. He is always picking fights: sometimes with dogs and sometimes with cats. Strangely, despite his supposedly vicious nature, he is frightened of cats. It is evident in the story when he gets intimidated by a cat. He often barks at the kettle for the noise it makes. After seizing it by its hot spout, he lets out a yelp and runs to bury his nose in the cool mud. He is adventurous by nature but he detests the boat trip.