Please explain note making with examples

Please explain note making with examples

Hi Deepa,

Read the passage carefully.
What is the main idea of the passage? Frame a heading based on the central idea and write it in the middle of the page.
How has the main idea been presented and developed? Are there two or three subordinate/associated ideas? You can frame subheadings based on these.
Are there further details or points of the subtitles that you wish to keep in these notes? Indent, i.e., suitably space and number.

All subheadings should be written at a uniform distance from the margin.

All points should also maintain the same distance away from the margin.

Do not write full sentences. And use abbreviations wherever necessary.

Note Making format



  1. The tests of life are its plus factors. Overcoming illness and suffering is a plus factor for it moulds character. Steel is iron plus fire, soil is rock plus heat. So lets include the plus factor in our lives.

  2. Sometimes the plus factor is more readily seen by the simple hearted. Myers tells the story of a mother who brought into her home – as a companion to her own son- a little boy who happened to have a hunch back. She had warned her son to be careful, not to refer to his disability. The boys were playing and after a few minutes she overheard her son say to his companion “ Do you know what you have got on your back ?” The little boy was embarrassed, but before he could reply, his playmate continued “ It is the box in which your wings are, and some day God is going to cut it open and then you will fly away and be an angel.”

  3. Often it takes a third eye or a change in focus, to see the plus factor. Walking along the corridors of a hospital recently where patients were struggling with fear of pain and tests, I was perturbed. What gave me a fresh perspective were the sayings put up everywhere, intended to uplift. One saying made me conscious of the beauty of the universe in the midst of pain, suffering and struggle. The other saying assured me that God was with me when I was in deep water and that no troubles would overwhelm me.

  4. The import of those sayings also made me aware of the nether springs that flow into people’s lives when they touch rock bottom or are lonely or guilt ridden. The nether springs make recovery possible, and they bring peace and patience in the midst of negative forces.

  5. The forces of death and destruction are not so much physical as they are psychic and psychological. When malice, hatred and hard heartedness prevail, they get channeled as forces of destruction. Where openness, peace and good heartedness prevail, the forces of life gush forth to regenerate hope and joy. The life force is triumphant when love overcomes fear. Both fear and love are deep mysteries, but the effect of love is to build, whereas fear tends to destroy. Love is generally the plus factor that helps build character. It creates bonds and its reach is infinite.

  6. It is true there is no shortage of destructive elements – forces and people who seek to destroy others and in the process destroy themselves – but at the same time there are signs of love and life everywhere that are constantly enabling us to overcome setbacks. So lets not look at gloom and doom – let us seek positivity and happiness. For it is when you seek that you will find what is waiting to be discovered.


  1. The Importance of the Tests of Life
    a) Illness& Suffering build Char.
    b) Simple hearted-View disability + vely eg: boy with hunch-backed companion.

  2. Change of focus required
    a) Sayings in hospital – awaken one to beauty of universe amidst pain; presence of God
    i) Give strength to overcome obstacles
    ii) Realisation- underlying hum. strength in troubles
    iii) Bring Peace &Patience

  3. Forces of Destruction
    a) Psychic & psychlgcal
    b) Consist of malice, hatred &hard headedness
    c) Fear destroys

  4. Forces of Life
    a) Openness, peace& good heartedness
    b) Love overcomes fear. Love builds char.& bonds
    c) Discover signs of love, defeat destrctve elmnts.


  1. Char.- Character
  2. +vely-Positively
  3. Hum.-Human
  4. Psychlgcal-Psychological
  5. Destrctve-Destructive
  6. Elmnts- Elements