'Physics is exciting', how?

Scope of Physics.
The scope of Physics is wide, covering a tremendous range of magnitude of physical quantities.
Physics with larger phenomenon as well as smaller quantities for example
(i) Starting from ${{10}^{22}}$s to ${{10}^{18}}$s on time scales.
(ii) Celestial Body s mass to electron’s mass e.g. ${{10}^{55}}$ to ${{10}^{-30}}$ kg on mass scales.
Excitement in Physics
Few reasons that makes physics exciting—
(i) It is very challenging and exciting to unfold and detect secrets of nature with imaginative new experiments.
(ii) There is an innovative approach for applying physical laws to many new inventions i.e., projects, machines, etc.
(iii) Few basic concepts, fundamental principles, laws can explain wide range of physical quantities, complicated phenomena of nature, etc.