Physics is an exciting subject Comment

The study of physics is exciting in many ways e.g.,
(i) Journey to the moon is controlled from the
(ii) Lasers and their ever increasing applications.
(iii) Live transmission of events thousands of kilometres
away on the T.V.
(iv) The speed and memory of the fifth generation of
(v) Study of various types of forces in nature.
(vi) Technological advances in health science.
(vii) Use of robots is quite exciting.
(viii) Telephone calls over long distance and so on.
Thus, physics is exciting not only to the scientists but also to a lay man, children, women etc. All the musical instruments, toy guns, toy trains etc. all are constructed using simple principles of physics like collision, potential energy etc. Today the situation is that even our thought process and social values are affected by physics. Thus it is quite amazing.