'Packaging refers to wrapping and crating the goods to protect them'

‘Packaging refers to wrapping and crating the goods to protect them’. Discuss in brief.-
Natural products has been used by Indians for ages. It was prepared manually by mixing many ingredients and there was not a ready made solution.
Shahnaj Hussain saw the opportunity and made distinct categories of skin, body and hair care products and made them available in jars, dispensers, bottles and then also came up with sachets. This availability of innovational packages has led to the success of the company.
(i) Identify the element of product mix and the importance of element discussed here.
(ii) Give one function performed by the element.

Packaging refers to wrapping, crating, filling or compressing of goods to protect them from spoilage, pilferage, breakage, leakage, etc. Various kinds of goods are placed or packed into appropriate containers for*protection and convenient handling.
Bulky materials like cotton and jute are compressed into bales. Liquid materials like oil and wine are put into bottles, barrels and cans. Heavy goods are crated and fragile products are placed in boxes, tins or special containers. "
On the other hand, packaging involves designing and producing appropriate packages for products. It is concerned with the determination of convenient size-lots in which the product is to be put in the market and the creation of proper packages for different lot sizes.
(i) Packaging Importance discussed here is that packaging provides innovational opportunity.
(ii) Packaging provides protection to the product.