Over the years, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea

Over the years, Brooke Bond Taj Mahal tea has been a choice of millions of customers. They are using slogan 'Waah Taj’on its label.
Their price range, quality, tastes are different and unique from their competitors.
(i) What are the advantages of labelling shown in this case? ~
(ii) Which values does this product highlight?

(i) Advantages of labelling which are shown in this case are as follows:
(a) It helps in advertising activity and promotion of the product.
(b) It helps to assess the supremacy of a product over other products.
© It raises the prestige of a product and guarantee the standard of the product.
(ii) As Taj Mahal is a famous name in tea brands which are offering standarised tea, it offers the following values:
(a) Quality products to consumers
(b) Satisfaction of customers’ needs.