"One important feature of the US economy in the 1920s was mass production.” Prove this with an example

  • A well-known pioneer of mass production was the car manufacturer, ‘Henry Ford’.
  • He adopted an assembly line technique of a slaughter house.
  • He realised that the ‘assembly line’ method would allow a faster and cheaper way of producing vehicles.
  • This method forced workers to repeat a single task mechanically and continuously. 0 This was a way of increasing the output per worker by speeding up the pace of work.
  • At first, workers were unable to cope with the load of work but Henry Ford doubled the daily wages.
  • This doubling of daily wages was considered ‘best cost-cutting decision’ he had ever made.
  • Later, this system of mass production was followed by many other countries. In the US, with this system, car production rose from 2 millions to above 5 millions.
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