One day Madhu visited an aluminium industry with her father

One day Madhu visited an aluminium industry with her father. She found that molten alumina was taken in the fused state for electrolytic reduction process. She asked her father the reason for using fused alumina as an electrolyte instead of the solution of aluminium salt, although the latter can save ample amount of energy.
Madhu’s father was pleased with her concern for saving energy, hence he explained to her why nothing could be done about that wastage of energy in that particular instance. What could be his explanation? What values you infer from this passage?

Aluminium cannot be prepared from its salt solution because of its highly electropositive nature. It does not get discharged at the cathode. H2 gas is liberated at the cathode when a solution of a salt of aluminium is electrolysed.
Values inferred from this passage are scientific temperament, awareness, environmental concern and knowledge.