"One chap's got a snapshot of Jimmy " Wilde

“One chap’s got a snapshot of Jimmy " Wilde. At least he says it’s Jimmy Wilde, but I believe it’s just, some ordinary fellow. Anyhow, its jolly blurred, so it might be anyone. Pa, can’t you give me a picture of yourself boxing? I could swank like anything. And you don’t know how sick a chap gets of having chaps call him, 'Goggles’.”
(a) Who is Jimmy Wilde in the extract?
(b) Which word in the extract is a synonym of’unclear1?
© Why does Harold want Bill’s snap?

(a) Jimmy Wilde is a famous boxer.
(b) The word is ‘blurred’.
© Harold wanted Bill’s snap because he wanted to show off about being the son of a boxing champion and he did not want to be called ‘Goggles’.