Observe the following figures and find the stages

Observe the following figures and find the stages
A. In the mitotic cell division, the division of nucleus (karyo kinesis) followed by the division of cytoplasm (cytokinesis). Finally brings about formation of two daughter cells.
There are four stages in mitosis division.
They are 1) Prophase 2) Metaphase 3) Anaphase 4) Telophase
1) Prophase : 1) Chromosomes contract, spiral and become visible even in
light microscope and nucleoli become smaller.
2) Chromosomes split lengthwise to form chromatids, connected by centromeres.
3) Nuclear membrane disappears.
4) Centrosome containing rod-like centrioles; divide and form ends of spindle ;
2) Metaphase 1) Centrosomes move to spindle equator, spindle fibres attached to centromeres.
3) Anaphase 1) Centromeres split, separating the chromatids.
2) Spindle fibres attached, centromeres contract, pulling chromatids towards pole.
4) Telophase 1) Chromatids elongate, become invisible to become chromosomes. ;
2) Nuclear membrane form round daughter nuclei,
3) Cell membrane pinches into form daughter cells (animals) or new cell wall material becomes laid down across spindle equator (plants)
4) Nucleus divides into two and division of cytoplasm starts.