Name the methods employed in animal breeding

Name the methods employed in animal breeding. According to you, which of the methods are best and why?

Animal breeding is selective mating of animals to increase the possibility of obtaining desired traits in the offspring. Several methods employed in animal breeding are categorised as:
(i) Natural methods These methods are of the following two main types:
(a) Inbreeding
(b) Outbreeding
(ii) Artificial methods These methods are somewhat modern than the natural methods and are of following main types:
(a) Artificial Insemination (AI)
(b) Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology (MOET)
According to me, artificial insemination is proved to be the best breeding method due to following reasons:
(i) It helps us to overcome several problems of normal matings.
(ii) It ensures the production of hybrids with the desired characters.
(iii) This method is economical, as a small amount of semen can be used to impregnate the females on a large scale. Semen can be stored and frozen for the later use.