Mr. Sairam the chief development officer

Mr. Sairam the chief development officer, in southern railway went on an official tour to attend a seminar on fast moving trains. He met his friend Ontosaki in Tokyo after he finished his seminar there. His friend explained to Sairam, how Japanese people are concentrating, on energy conservation and saving of fossil fuels using Maglev trains. Mr. Sairam travelled from Tokyo to Osaka in Maglev train and found that sound is less, travelling is smooth and understood, in what way we are lagging behind Japanese in mass transporting systems. This works on the principle of Mesiner’s effect.
(a) What values did Mr. Sairam found from Ontosaki ? Mention any two.
(b) What is Meissner effect ? What is the value of x and ${ \mu }_{ r }$ for perfect diamagnetism ?

(a) Awareness about new technology, concern for energy conservation, decrease of noise pollution and air pollution, i.e. concern for environment.
(b) When a superconductor is cooled in a magnetic field below its critical temperature, the magnetic field lines are expelled showing diamagnetic property. This is called Meissner effect.