'Motivation plays an important role in the success of management'

‘Motivation plays an important role in the success of management’. Explain any four points of importance, of motivation in the light of the statement.
‘Poorly motivated people can nullify the soundest organisation’. Comment.

Motivation means incitement or inducement to take the desired course of action. It means a process of stimulating people to achieve organisational goals.
Motivation is one of the crucial factors that determine the efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation.
Importance of motivation :

  1. Improves Performance
    Motivation helps to improve the performance level of employees. It bridges the gap between the ability to work and willingness to work, resulting in higher level of performance.
  2. Builds Positive Attitude
    Motivation helps to change negative attitude of employees to positive attitude, so as to achieve organisational goals, by using incentives such as bonus, praise, punishment and promotion.
  3. Reduces Employee Turnover
    Motivation helps to reduce employee turnover and thereby saves the.cost of new recruitment and training. When employees’ needs are satisfied, they may not think « of leaving the organisation. It also helps to retain talented people in the organisation.
  4. Introduces Changes
    Motivation helps the managers to introduce changes and motivated employees show less resistance in accepting the changes, as they know it is necessary to adapt to changes in order to survive in the competitive world.
  5. Reduces Absenteeism
    Motivation helps to reduce absenteeism by providing proper working conditions, adequate rewards and good relations with supervisor. This makes work a source of pleasure and workers don’t frequently remain absent from work.