Mention the various sources of sodium chloride and explain the preparation of sodium chloride from sea-water and salt mines

NaCl occurs abundandy in nature. Its major sources are
(a).Sea water which contains 2.7 to 2.9% NaCl.
(b) Water of inland lakes such as Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan.
© Salt-mines which contain rock salt are located in England, Australia, Himachal Pradesh.
(i) From sea water Sea water is filled in big tanks where it slowly evaporates, leaving behind solid salt. In cold countries, where temperatures are very low, pure water freeze. Ice formed is removed and concentration of NaCl in solution increases. The concentrated sodium can be separated and evaporated to get NaCl.
(ii) From salt-mines Salt mines are located deep under the surface of the earth. Holes are made into these mines with the help of drillers and broken pieces of salt rocks are taken out by suitable means.