Mention the latest rules of sport Taekwando



Mention the latest rules of sport Taekwando.


(i) The competitor are grouped into different weight categories in which they compete.
(ii) Each competitor has to fight against opponent or defeat opponent in maximum of three rounds.
(iii) Each round is of 2 minutes duration with, 1 minute interval in between.
(iv) In case of tie or equal point, they have to play for ‘sudden death’ decide the result.
(v) The targe area for kicking is front of body i.e., head to trunk over the protect guards.
(vi) Points are awarded for correct hit wheras penalities are also done for incorrect kick or kickig below waist or fouls.
(vii) Winner is declared on point basis or the one who scores 4 points leads
(viii) Player can also be disqualified for unsportsman act. misbehave, with officials, etc.