Mention six latest rules of swimming

Mention six latest rules of swimming.

Latest General Rules of Swimming :

  1. In relay races, if the competing team’s swimmer, who leaves the starting platform before the team mate touches the wall, Shall be disqualified.
  2. During the swimming competition no swimmer shall be allowed to wear any such thing that may help in his/her speed or endurance.
  3. On return, a swimmer shall touch the end of the pool with one or both hands. If he / she takes a stride or a step from the bottom of the pool, he is not allowed to do so.
  4. A competitor, who swims over the entire course first, shall be declared the winner of that event.
  5. A swimmer who stands on the bottom during the race shall not be disqualified, but he shall not walk.
  6. During competition, if a competitor obstructs other competitors of side lanes, he can be disqualified from the competition.