Mention six general rules of Table Tennis

Mention six general rules of Table Tennis.

(i) Choice of side or Service : The choice of side or service is done by tossing the coin or spin of the pabble. The winner of toss has the first option.
(ii) Service Rules : Service is performed to begin the rally where ball has to be returned after two bounce across the net (on bounce to own side of table and other bounce on.opponent side of the table across the net). During service ball has to be tossed-up (with open palm) without foot-fault. ‘Let’ service is re-delivered if, ball touches the top edge of the net and lands correctly. Two consecutive services are done in a row by player (for two points). For wrong service opponent gain a point.
(iii) Change of Service : A player has to deliver two successive services on two points, afterward the opponent gets the right to serve from other side of table the end of each game the sides are changed.
(iv) Rally or Return of Service : A rally is exchange of strokes after service. A player has to return the ball across the net legally after one bounce on his side of table. Player pressurises opponent to commit mistake or unable to return legally. Player who wins the rally gains a point.
(v) Game and Match : A ‘game’ consists of 11 points. The player who reaches at 11 points first, wins the game (with difference of two points). In most of tournaments, a match is played for ‘best of five games’ for men and ‘best of three games’ for women.
(vi) Tie rule : If there is tie of score on last point, i.e., ‘10 all points’ then service changes at each point until difference of two points. This is also termed as ‘Deuce’.