Mention fundamental skills of Badminton

Mention fundamental skills of Badminton.

Fundamental Skills of Badminton :
Clear or Toss : This is an offensive as well as defensive stroke. It is taken with overhead swing of the racket to hit the shuttle hard so that shuttle goes deep and back in the opponent’s court. It may be high clear or low clear, over the both sides of the court in opponents side.
Smash : This is an offensive stroke to stop the rally at once. In this, shuttle is powerfully hit in downward direction and gives no chance to the opponent to return. Shuttle is hitted with very fast swing of hand just over the head. Shuttle goes steep’ down in opponent’s court.
Half-Smash : This is an offensive skill in which shuttle travels very fast in ownhalf court but lands close to net in opponent side. It is a combination of smash and drop as racket is just tilted before the hit which gives spin to the shuttle.
Drop : This is slow push to the shuttle so that it just crosses the net and lands near the net in opponent’s court. It is taken from deep position and shuttle is contacted at overhead swing of racket.
Net-Drop : It is returning a close drop by placing the shuttle close to net in opponent court.
Tap : It is returning a rising shuttle close to net by steping ahead (close to net) and placing the racket in the path of shuttle. Thus, shuttle lands close to net in opponent court.
Flat Return: It is returning the coming shuttle with force, just at the height of net. This skill is also termed as drive. This offensive skill is used mostly in doubles game.