Mention fundamental skills for table tennis

Mention fundamental skills for table tennis.

Fundamental skills of table tennis :
Grips : There are generally two types of grips used in table tennis. Orthodox grip or shake hand (commonly used) and pen-hold grip (mainly used by Chinese and Japanese).
Services : Chopped service, side spin service, flat service, back hand spin service.
Strokes : Defensive strokes (Chopping fore¬hand, Chop back-hand, Flat return, Block, Balloon return. Lift return).
Attacking strokes (Top-spin hit. Back-spin hit. Side-spin hit, Loope top-spin, Flat hit fore¬hand. Flat hit back-hand, Chop attack fore¬hand, Chop attack back-hand).
Side-Spin : In this, the server spins the ball with the slant edge of the bat (paddle). This makes the ball to spin sideward after bounce. Top-Spin : In this spin, the ball accelerates fast after bounce and propels the opponent to play defensive stroke.
Back-Spin : In this spin, the bat (paddle) hits the ball in such a way that it travels far. The bounce is low and slow.
Counter-Attack : It is a powerful stroke in return of good stroke.