"Men are very clumsy", said she

“Men are very clumsy”, said she. “I know you were on every train. I thought you were going to speak to me and I am glad you didn’t.”
(a) Who is ‘she’ in the above lines?
(b) Why was she glad?
© Why does she say “Men are very clumsy”?
(a) How did the speaker know he was on every train?
(b) Find the word in the extract which is opposite to ‘sad’.
© Bring out the irony in the situation.

(a) ‘She’ in the above lines is Jessie.
(b) She was noticing John following her on every train and was expecting that he might talk to her, but she would not have liked to talk to a stranger. That’s why she was glad that he did not speak to her.
© She said this because John had been following her wherever she went and he did not hide this fact, as he was clumsy in following her, which she easily noticed.
(a) She mentioned all the stations he was at, how he fell asleep once, how he nearly missed the train and, how he tripped while boarding the train.
(b) The word is ‘glad’.
© She says she is glad that he didn’t talk to her, but it is evident that she likes him and wanted him to talk to her.