Meeta wants to start a business of garments

Meeta wants to start a business of garments. What possible risks she can face in carrying out this
business and if her business is successful, what values will it add to society?

Following risks can defaced by Meeta
(i) Natural Risks Meeta can face those risks which are beyond the power of man such as seasonal change, natural calamities, geographical changes, etc.
(ii) Human Risks Business is the collection of several individuals. Meeta“surely be having several individuals collectively in starting a business. It contributes a lot and this may lead to losses due to, carelessness, dishonesty, impatience strikes, riots, etc on the part of human beings.
(iii) Economic Risks Meeta can also face economic risk as finance is the foremost requirement in setting a business. This risk is related with the concept that whether it is beneficial to invest in business or not.
If the business is successful, she can deliver valuable services to her customers.