Manoj went to a college to apply for admission into an MBA course

Manoj went to a college to apply for admission into an MBA course. The clerk refused to take his application and said “You, the son of a sweeper, wish to be a manager! has anyone done this job in your community? Go to the municipality office and apply for a sweeper’s position”. Which of Manoj’s fundamental rights are being violated in this instance? Spell these out in a letter from Manoj to the District Collector.

‘Right to Equality’ and ‘Right to Freedom’ are being violated in Manoj’s case.
The District Collector,
XYZ District
Sub: Redressal required of violation of my Right to Equality for admission in a College Dear Sir,
I wish to inform you that my admission for pursuing a course leading to the MBA degree in ABC college in your district has been refused because the clerk of the college said, “You are the son of a sweeper. Nobody from your community has done such a course,” This is totally unjust and a violation of my Right to Equality. I am fully qualified to apply for the course, having already completed my graduation.
You are requested to look into this problem and talk to the authorities of the concerned college to accept my application.
Thank you
Sincerely yours