Location and function of different types ofmeristems

location and function of different types ofmeristems.

Meristems are divided into three types on the basis of position in the plant body
(i) Apical meristem The apical meristem is located at the apices/tips of roots and shoots.
It has following functions
(a) Forms the primary tissues of the plant and help in growth in length.
(b) Certain cells of apical meristem constitute the axillary buds present in the axils of leaves.
(ii) Intercalary meristem It occurs in between mature tissues, at the bases of intemodes and leaf sheaths of grasses and other monocots. They help to regenerate the parts of grasses, eaten by herbivores and help in primary growth of plants.
(iii) Lateral meristem It is arranged parallel to the sides of the organs of plants. The lateral meristem is responsible for increase in the diameter of an organ.