List two differences between thrust and pressure

(i) List two differences between thrust and pressure.
(ii) What is meant by 1 pascal and 1 newton? How will the pressure change, if area of contact is doubled?

Difference between thrust and pressure are
1.The force exerted by the body perpendicular to the surface is known as thrust.
2.SI unit of thrust is newton (N)
1.Thrust acting on unit area is called pressure, i.e.
Pressure ยง = Force / Area (A)
2.SI unit of pressure is ${{Nm}^{2}}$ or Pa (pascal).
(ii) The pressure exerted by 1 N of force, acting perpendicular on the surface of 1 m2 area is called 1 pascal.
1Pa = 1${{Nm}^{-2}}$
The force required to accelerate 1 kilogram of mass at the rate of 1 metre per second square is called 1 newton.
IN = 1${{Kgm}^{-2}}$
Since, pressure is inversely proportional to the area of contact.
Therefore, pressure will reduce to half, if area of contact is doubled.