List three techniques that have been developed to prevent pregnancy

List three techniques that have been developed to prevent pregnancy. Which one of these techniques is not meant for males? How does the use of these techniques have a direct impact on the health and prosperity of a family?

Three different methods of contraception:
They fall into 3 groups as:

  1. Mechanical Barrier Method
  2. Chemical Method and
  3. Surgical Method

1.Mechanical Barrier Method: The condoms on penis by male and a cover in vagina are used by females. They prevent sperms from union to ovum by making a barrier between these.

2.Chemical Method: In it two kinds of pills are used by females.

  • Oral pills: It acts by changing hormonal balance of body and egg is not released and fertilisation cannot take place.
  • Vaginal pills: They contain spermicides that kills sperms.

3.Surgical method: There are 2 cases:

  • Vasectomy: In males, a small portion of vas deferens is removed and both cut ends are tied. It prevents transfer of sperm.
  • In females, a small portion of fallopian tubes is removed and cut ends are tied. It will not allow egg to reach uterus it is called tubectomy.
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