List any six diseases caused by these classes of fungi

Diseases caused by different classes of fungi are given below

1.Phycomycetes :
Club rot of crucifers
Wart disease of potato
Rhizome rot of ginger
White rust of crucifers
Downy mildew of grapes
Late blight of potato

2.Ascomycetes :
Stem galls of coriander
Leaf curl of peach
Powdery mildew of grapes
Powdery mildew of peas
Ergot rye and grasses
Brown rot of pear

3.Basidiomycetes :
Loose smut of wheat
Smut of corn
Black rust of wheat
Yellow rust of wheat
Rust of peas
Leaf rust of coffee

4.Deuteromycetes :
Red rot of sugarcane
Blast of rice
Wilt of potato, tomato, cotton and banana
Tikka disease
Early blight of potato
Die back of chillies